Tablette et téléphone blanc avec interface de commande en ligne

An online ordering platform that adapts to your brand and not the other way around

Who said it was complicated to integrate an online ordering and reservation interface into your website? This is exactly what RapidoResto offers you! Now use your website to its full potential!

Tablette et téléphone blanc avec interface de commande en ligne

How it works ?

As soon as the first step is completed, the signing of the contract, the process is set in motion. Thus, at this time, the team is working to set up the online ordering system in less than 21 days. This short delay includes the initialization of the online platform and the installation of all the functionalities, namely the tablet and the printer. In addition, the Rapido Resto team offers training to your employees to ensure proper operation.
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Signature of the agreement

From this moment we begin our term. The collection of information will notably allow the rapid implementation of the RapidoResto system.

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Taking professional photos

Our specialized team will take care of photographing your dishes in order to represent them at their fair value.

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Website delivery

At this point, the website is in beta. Your feedback and comments will be taken into consideration for the final web version.

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Installing the internal system

Our team comes to your restaurant to install the tablet and the printer for the proper functioning of the RapidoResto system. In addition, training on the installation of new tools is offered.

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Beginning of the RapidoResto experience

The complete RapidoResto system is now optimized. It is thus ready to be used by you and your most loyal customers, the experience begins...

What is provided

Tablette Rapido Resto avec le menu de la commande en ligne

What are you waiting for?

RapidoResto wants to simplify your task while maximizing your sales. You have nothing to think about, the team takes care of installing tablets and printers in your restaurant, taking pictures of your dishes and even web management!

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